Sunday, September 23, 2007

How 'bout them DAWGS!!!

That had to have been one of the most thrilling college football games I have ever witnessed. We had about 20 people over to our house to watch the game so it was a blast.

Game critique as follows:

Offense: For the most part a good effort. The O-line had their best game of the year so far (especially since there were 3 freshman on the line). I would have liked to see a few more holes opened up for the backs, but a good job all around. Pass protection was very good last night. Both backs had fantastic games, Brown and Moreno both rushed for close to 80 yds each and had several receptions out of the backfield. Receivers were average as usual. Sean Bailey was the most reliable out of the bunch, Mikey gets a pass since he caught the game winner. TE's (or should I say Tripp Chandler) was really poor in the pass game. He had 3 key drops that could have won us the game (or at least made the FG a little shorter) in regulation. Stafford was OK, maybe I just expect too much of him right now. He threw a few great balls, but as a whole most of them were behind receivers or over their heads. The kid has a big arm, but he really needs to work on his accuracy.

Overall Grade: B

Defense: These guys played their hearts out. If not for a very questionable pass interference call on Bryan Evans, this game is over in the 4th Quarter. There were some mental lapses and poor execution, but I thought that the D-line did a great job generating pressure and clogging the gaps, the LB's swarmed to the ball, and the DB's did a good job in run support. The only negatives that I saw were Evans getting toasted by DJ Hall on a key drive in the 4th Quarter and we gave up some gashing runs toward the end again (just like S Carolina). Willie Martinez gets a gold star for calling some timely blitzes and having an overall good scheme.

Overall Grade: A

Special Teams: Outstanding on both sides of the ball. Kick and punt coverage were great (much better than last week). Mikey had a couple of good returns on punts and Thomas Brown had solid returns on kickoffs. The only negative were Coatu's two misses (to be fair there were both over 45 yards). Good improvement from last week.

Overall Grade: A

I was so encouraged by this game, however we all have to bear in mind that with a young team, inconsistancy is to be expected. That being said I really think that we have the talent to compete with anyone in the conference.

More later.....thanks for reading.


Blogger Paige said...

It was a great game. I can say that now. LOL I hated it at the time. Way too stressful! LOL I almost slammed my cell phone into a concrete floor when we missed that field goal at the end of regulation. Luckily someone caught my arm before I actually did it. I'd much rather just win convincingly thankyouverymuch!

8:08 PM  
Blogger O'Brien Pundit said...

Stafford looked really good this weekend in my opinion. Have you noticed he has been getting recognition for the position with The O'Brien National QB Award? I think thats awesome. he is a favorite of mine since I am from Dallas and he is too. Get your boys to go vote for him on their website,, they have a Fan Vote that will get him on the Semi-Finalist list.

Good stuff, hope to hear back from you.

7:28 AM  

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