Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Phat Phil and The Vowels Come To Town

Hide the MoonPies and call out extra security for the Krispy Kreme, Phil Fulmer and the Vowels are coming to town Saturday for a clash with the #10 Georgia Bulldogs. This is my break down of the game and what I think we need to do in order to emerge victorious and send Phil into a binge eating depression.


Tennessee-The Vowels currently rank 2nd in the SEC in Scoring Offense averaging 32.0 pts per game. Tennessee also ranks 1st in Passing Offense (296.0 ypg), 9th in Rushing Offense (133.0 ypg), 2nd in Total Offense (429.2 ypg), 1st in Passing Efficiency (.710 percentage), and 3rd in Red Zone Offense (87.5 percent 11 TD/3FG)

Georgia-The Dawgs currently rank 6th in the SEC in Scoring Offense averaging 25.6 pts per game. The Dawgs also rank 9th in Passing Offense (163.6 ypg), 8th in Rushing Offense (133.4 ypg), 10th in Total Offense (297.0 ypg), 9th in Passing Efficiency (.504 percentage), and 7th in Red Zone Offense (76.5 per cent 11 TD /2 FG).

So what does this all mean? Basically Tennessee can throw the ball, but has virtually no run game. While the Dawgs don't do ANYTHING on offense particularly well.



Tennessee-Currently the Vowels rank 6th in Scoring Defense (16.6 pts per game), 4th in Pass Defense (157.4 ypg), 7th in Rushing Defense (126.8 ypg), and 6th in Total Defense (284.2 ypg). The Vowels are generous however in the Red Zone allowing opponents to score 100% of the time (9 TD/2FG).

Georgia-The Junkyard Dawgs are the SEC leaders in Scoring Defense allowing a stingy 6.8 pts per game. The JYD also are ranked highly in Pass Defense 3rd (133.4 ypg), Rushing Defense 4th (100 ypg), and 2nd in Total Defense (233.4 ypg). The Dawg Defense is very stingy in the Red Zone allowing opponents to score only 50% of the time (2 TD/3FG).

So what does it all mean? Georgia's Defense is among the best in the league and could be credited with the last two wins as the Offense was abysmal. For Tennesee the Defense is average, but is capable of bowing up and getting a stop when needed.


Special Teams

Tennessee- The Vowels are blessed yet again with the latest in the line of "Punting Colquitts". I think every male member of this family has punted for UT at one point in their lives. That being said the latest one ranks 4th in Punting with a 40.0 yd net. The Vowels also cover punts well only allowing a 1.3 yd return on average. On punt returns Tennessee doesn't pose much of a threat returning punts ranking 9th and averaging a paltry 6.8 yds per return. Place Kicking for the Vowels is a stregth with James Wilhoit hitting 6 of 7 attempts and a perfect 20 for 20 on PAT. The Vowels cover Kickoffs well ranking 5th with a 43.5 net and 18 touchbacks. Tennessee however does not do well on Kick returns as they are dead last in the SEC with a 14.0 yds average return.

Georgia- The Dawgs are fortunate to have two of the best kickers and one of the best return men in the country on Special Teams. Gordon Ely-Kelso is 38.0 yds net and ranks 5th in Punting. Brandon Cotu is a stellar 7 of 8 in FG with a 55-yarder already this year and a perfect 17 for 17 on PAT's. Dawg Punt coverage is getting it done only allowing 1.5 yds per return. Mikey Henderson is electrifying as a returner and a threat to take it to the house everytime he touches the ball. The Dawgs are tops in the SEC averaging 18.6 yds per return with 2TD already this year. Dawg Kick Coverage ranks 9th with a net of 43.1 yds. The Dawgs also do well on Kick returns ranking 2nd with a whopping 25.4 yds per return.

What does it all mean? Special teams have always played a factor in this rivalry. The Dawgs have been fortunate to be on the positive ends of two punt returns for TD (01,04) that changed the momentum of both games. While I think this is pretty much a wash statistically, Georgia had better fix its punt protection problems before Saturday.

Advantage- Even


Tennessee- As much as we all enjoy making fun of Phil Fulmer, you can't argue with success. Phat Phil is the SEC leader in winning percentage .776 and active leader in wins 132. The man can and does scheme to your weakness and his strength.

Georgia- I expect Mark Richt to be the leader in win percentage and total wins after he has been at UGA for 15 years. Currently CMR is 57-13 (.814) in six season as the Head Dawg. A great coach, sometimes a bit hard headed when it comes to running the football.

What does it all mean? This is basically a wash as well, although as stated before Phat Phil is a bit more willing to change his scheme to beat you rather than sticking with the same old stuff.

Advantage- Even

So tell us RocketDawg, what do you expect to happen? I honestly don't know to tell the truth. Looking at it purely objectively, if our Offense comes out and lays an egg like the last two weeks then UT wins by 2 TD's. I would like to think that the return of Joe T. and his ability to check out of bad plays will lead to the Offense running a bit more smoothly. I would also like to think that the Coaches and Seniors have put a foot into each others rear ends and we are going to finally play like we are capable of playing. I think our D matches up well with the UT Offense and I think we can force them to try and run which they have been unable to do so far this year. I am going to wait and make a prediction later on in the week.

We could use a few of these!!


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